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BioMedical Genomics Center

From its inception in the spring of 2000, the BioMedical Genomics Center at the University of Minnesota has been advancing genomics and proteomics research as it applies to human and animal health. The BMGC continues to maintain, upgrade, and acquire state-of-the-art instrumentation for genomics and proteomics-focused research.

Computational Biology Centers

The Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics is a structure designed to foster research in all aspects of biology and medicine. As such, it includes a major infrastructure component of high performance Unix workstations, associated servers and disk farms, networks and software. It is organized loosely as a co-operative, in which much of the core support is done by a small group, supported by the Dean of the Medical School and the Provost of the Academic Health Center. In addition to production level tools, it is also a mechanism to support research and education in computational biology and medicine directly.

High Throughput Biological Analysis Facility

The High-Throughput Biological Analysis (HTBA) Facility, established in April of 2004, provides advanced lab automation and software tools for chemical biology and a wide range of other applications to academic users as well as scientists from industry. Primary competencies are high-throughput screening, automated colony picking, and macro-arraying. However, the tools are very flexible and non-traditional users may in fact benefit the most from adapting this equipment for their purposes.

Imaging Center

The Imaging Center is a state-of-the-art facility for imaging of biological specimens utilizing light microscopy (confocal and fluorescence); digital imaging; scanning and transmission electron microscopy related to research, documentation and presentation. Imaging Center users have access to computer workstations, with image processing, analysis, and presentation software available. Technical assistance and consulting is available to meet your technical and scientific needs.

Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

The Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics facility provides support, equipment, and expertise for analyzing complex protein mixtures. Mass spectrometric data can provide intact protein molecular weight as well as protein identification by peptide mass fingerprint or MS/MS data, combined with protein database searching. In addition, some mass spectrometers provide accurate mass measurement for organic molecules and relative protein quantification via isotope labeling techniques (e.g., iTRAQ™).

Nano Fabrication Center

The Nanofabrication Center (NFC), with in the University of Minnesota, is an interdisciplinary facility that supports faculty and industrial research within the Institute of Technology to support education, research and industrial collaboration in microelectronics and other related research involving nanofabrication.


The Biotechnology Resource Center is one of the cornerstones of Biodale, Minnesota's shopping mall for biotechnology and life science research services. The resources available within the neighboring facilities of Biodale enables the Biotechnology Resource Center to tackle even the most complex biotechnology projects.