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    BioTechnology Institute
    University of Minnesota
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BTI History

1983-84   1985-86   1987-88   1989-90   1991-92   1993-94  
1995-96   1997-99   2000-01   2002-03   2004-05   2006-09

Founding Director was Perfect Fit for Start-up BPTI

Michael FlickingerProf. Michael C. Flickinger was hired in 1985 from the National Cancer Institute to become the founding director of the BPTI. Prior to coming to Minnesota he was Director of the Fermentation Program at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland. At NCI he directed drug discovery, process development, scale-up, and cGMP manufacturing groups supplying experimental anti-tumor drugs and biologics for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Well known for his cross-disciplinary research, his teaching, and as a consultant to industry in the areas of fermentation process development, manufacturing, containment, and facilities design, Flickinger was well-suited to the role of BPTI director.

Flickinger was well-established within the biotechnology community. As the 1993 recipient of the David Perlman Memorial Lecturer award, Flickinger was recognized for his "long-standing accomplishments in the field of biochemical technology" which included contributions in the areas of fermentation technology, hybridoma cell growth and metabolism, and microbial biochemistry. He later received the 1995 American Chemical Society's Van Lanen Distinguished Service Award.

BPTI Staff

Kristi and LoriOriginally hired by Michael Flickinger as a secretary in 1987, Kristi Iskierka assumed administrative roles in helping manage the growing Institute and was eventually promoted to Senior Administrative Director.

Lori Buboltz was also hired by Flickinger in 1987 to do accounting work for the Institute and continues to serve the BTI today as Senior Accountant.

First Faculty

Prof. Friedrich Srienc, with a PhD in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Gras, Austria, became the first BPTI faculty when he was hired as a joint appointment with Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in 1985.

In 1986, Robert Brooker was hired as a joint appointment with Genetics and Cell Biology. Brooker did graduate work at Harvard and recieved his doctorate from Yale University.


  • ABEC, Inc., (Allentown, PA) donates animal cell culture reactor.

  • First published research annual report.

  • Renovation of lab space.