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BTI History

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NAIST campus

First BPTI Students Visit Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan

Among the BPTI NIH Training Grant students who visited NAIST in Nara, Japan, in 1997, were Nick Abu-Absi, Susan Fuget Abu-Absi, Jerry Johnson, and Ben Hause. Students and faculty from NAIST also visited BPTI in the first of many exchanges over the years. The formal exchange program between these two institutions has both enhanced communications between researchers and provided an opportunity for cultural as well as technological learning experiences.

Swiss campus

Swiss Exchange

In 2001, BTI welcomed the first students from Hochschule, Wadenswill, Switzerland: David Strupler, Otmar Baenziger, Michael Schoeb and Patrik Ottinger. Students from Wadenswill typically spend 4 to 6 months working with BTI graduate students in a BTI faculty laboratory. Upon return to Wadenswill the students each write a diploma thesis based on their learning experience in BTI. The BTI laboratory benefits from focused efforts of students who come well trained in techniques of applied biotechnology.


  • Prof. Dan W. Urry hired as joint appointment: BPTI and Chemical Engineering and Material Science.

  • BPTI students visit NAIST/Japan.

  • Prof. Michael J. Sadowsky joins as joint appointment: BPTI and Soil, Water and Climate.

  • Students and faculty from NAIST visit BPTI.

  • Assistant Prof. Antony Dean hired as joint appointment: BPTI and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.

  • BPTI hosts Genomics Conference.