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Exchange Program

About the Program

BTI researchers collaborate with scholars and scientists from around the world. Formal exchange programs between institutions enhance communications between researchers.

Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Each year, 3-4 students from BTI spend several weeks in a laboratory at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in western Japan conducting research and immersing themselves in a different culture. Students from the host laboratory become cultural mentors for the U.S. visitors and in exchange the biotech trainees host a reciprocal visit for NAIST students–forging lasting professional and personal bonds.

BTI-NAIST Symposia

BTI and NAIST have also held collaborative symposia since the year 2000. Coordinated with the formal exchange program, these symposia have enhanced communications between researchers at the two institutions. These international connections provide an opportunity for technological as well as cultural learning experiences.

Click here for more information on the BTI-NAIST Collaborative Research Symposium.

Hochschule Wadenswill

In 2001, BTI welcomed the first students from Hochschule Wadenswill, Switzerland, which specializes in applied biotechnology. Students from Wadenswill typically spent 4-6 months working with BTI graduate students in a BTI faculty laboratory. Upon return to Wadenswill the student wrote a diploma thesis based on their learning experience at BTI. The BTI laboratory benefited from the focused efforts of students who came well trained in the techniques of applied biotechnology.


2011 Exchange - Chris Flynn, Grayson Wawrzyn, Jessica Eichmiller and Maria Rebolleda-Gomez visited Japan in October 2011 as part of the BTI-NAIST exchange program. more >>

2010 Exchange - Janice Frias, Katherine Volzing, Chad Satori and Josh Ochocki visited Japan in November 2010. more >>