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Wei-Shou Hu

Research Interests

Biochemical engineering, cell engineering and stem cells.

Cellular Engineering

Dr. Hu's research interests encompass cell culture technology, tissue engineering and metabolic engineering. The emphasis is on the application of engineering analysis to biochemical and cellular systems and on the incorporation of physiological insight into the quantitative modeling of biological systems. The systems employed include mammalian cells, differentiated tissue cells and microorganisms. Current research efforts emphasize employing genomic and proteomic tools in those research projects and exploring system reduction and noble modeling approaches for quantitative description of cellular processes.

Dr. Hu's educational effort has resulted in a textbook Bioseparations, a laboratory video manual "Microcarrier Culture Techniques", and an annually updated CD-ROM of teaching materials on cell culture engineering. At the University of Minnesota he currently teaches "Quantitative Biology for Engineers" and "Biochemical Engineering". In the past he has also taught in the Management of Technolgy program. He is also active in the continuing education of professionals in biotechnology industry as exemplified by the short courses that he has organized.

Professionally Dr. Hu is active in the biochemical and biomedical engineering community. He initiated the Engineering Foundation conference on cell culture engineering more than a decade ago. He also helped organize numerous national and international conferences. He was the chair of Division 15 (Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Bioengineering) of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) for 2003.

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