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Yiannis Kaznessis

Research Interests

Computer modeling of biological systems, structural bioinformatics, synthetic bioengineering, molecular recognition phenomena, gene regulatory networks.

Biological Systems

Kaznessis, an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, joined the BioTechnology Institute at the beginning of 2008. He received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and his PhD from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. He joined the University of Minnesota after completing postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan and at Pfizer Global Research and Development.

Kaznessis' research efforts focus on synthetic biology. Combining theoretical and experimental work, Kaznessis and his group design small therapeutic molecules, such as antimicrobial peptides, and train bacteria to function like electronic circuits, such as bio-logical AND gates, bacterial comparators and proportional-integral-differential controllers. The work also entails the development of computational synthetic biology algorithms and software packages, like SynBioSS (

Professor Kaznessis also directs the University of Minnesota Bioinformatics Summer Institute, a summer undergraduate education program funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. For more information go to

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Associate Professor

Dept. of Chemical Engineering
and Materials Science
BioTechnology Institute

Chemical Engineering Ph.D.,
University of Notre Dame
253 Amundson Hall
612-624-4197 office