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Christine Salomon

Research Interests

Biological control of plant disease

Controlling Plant Disease

Christine Salomon has recently concentrated her research efforts on finding biological solutions for control of plant disease - particularly addressing the antibiotic resistance developed by biocontrol organisms. Biological control options offer significant promise as a means for reducing pesticide inputs into the environment and enhancing food safety.

The acquisition of antibiotic resistance genes by clinically-significant bacteria from environmental microbes represents a substantial public health risk. Salomon has worked to develop strategies to minimize the risk that biological control of plant diseases will contribute significantly to the development of an environmental reservoir of resistance to medically-significant antibiotics. She has worked to enhance the prospects for effective biological control and reduce the likelihood of significant increases in antibiotic resistance genes among pathogens in the soil.

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Assistant Professor

Center for Drug Design
BioTechnology Institute

Ph.D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, 2001
7-146 Phillips Wangensteen
612-626-3698 office
612-625-8154 fax