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Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

Research Interests

Natural product biosynthesis, evolutionary and rational protein design.

Synthesizing Complex Molecules

Claudia Schmidt-Dannert is interested in microorganisms and plants that naturally synthesize a diversity of chemical compounds useful as drugs, new biomaterials and in food applications.

Taking advantage of advances in genome sequencing, Schmidt-Dannert has screened a multitude of genes from microorganisms and plants for new biosynthetic functions. In doing so, she is fitting microbial cells with new biosynthetic abilities using metabolic and genetic pathway engineering strategies together with evolutionary and rational protein engineering strategies to alter and study biosynthetic activities.

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Assoc. Professor

Department of Biochemistry
Molecular Biology and Biophysics
BioTechnology Institute

Ph.D., Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Technical University of Braunschweig
274 Gortner Lab
612-625-5782 office
612-625-5780 FAX
612-624-7409 lab