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Burckhard Seelig

Research Interests

Biocatalysis, Directed Evolution, Protein Engineering, Artificial Enzymes.

Evolving New Enzymes

BTI member Burckhard Seelig is an Associate Professor in the department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics. He completed postdoctoral work in Molecular Biology at Harvard Medical School where he developed a novel technique through which new enzymes can be evolved in the lab.

Seelig’s research focuses on implementing Darwinian evolution in a test tube to generate novel proteins with custom-made properties. New enzymes are generated by applying methods of in vitro selection and evolution as well as by tailoring existing enzymes to a wide variety of useful properties. Novel protein enzymes are generated from scratch-enzymes not found in nature by employing mRNA display technology to generate libraries of proteins that are covalently linked to their coding mRNA. This stable connection between genotype and phenotype allows for selection of proteins from large libraries with complexities well beyond the limits of conventional screening technologies.

Seelig’s research attempts to create enzymes as ‘designer catalysts’ because of the considerable interest in harnessing the power of enzymes for the synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and for the conversion of biomass.

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Associate Professor

Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular
Biology and Biophysics

BioTechnology Institute

Ph.D. Biochemistry
Freie Universitat
Berlin, Germany

Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard University
358a Gortner Lab
612-626-6281 office
612-625-5780 FAX