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BTI’s Mikael Elias, awarded a CTSI’s 2016 Translation grant for his work developing a new technology to control microbes and increase the effectiveness of GI endoscope disinfection procedures.

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Daniel Bond (Micron/BTI) is a University of Minnesota Medical School's 2016 Wall of Scholarship honorees. He and others will be recognized at the Dean’s Distinguished Research Lectureship November 7.

Landmark genetic interaction map reveals the networks of cellular life

A new study published in the journal Science, involving University of Minnesota researchers Chad Myers, looks at genes as a social network within the body, interacting in groups. The approach may change the way we understanding the genetic roots of disease.

BTI Members Recieve Grand Challenges Research Grants

The University of Minnesota’s Grand Challenges Research Grants were recently announced, and four teams including BTI faculty members were among this year’s recipients awmembers was well represented. They were Co-PI’s and team members on four separate exploratory grants. Read the full announcement

BTI Members Larry Wackett and Al Aksan recognized 

The University of Minnesota startup Minnepura Technologies Inc for which Larry Wackett and Al Aksan are technical advisors, was recently named among the 35 “Best University Startups 2016” by the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer. Read the article on the INQUIRY blog here. Their research into make pool water reusable through bioremediation was highlighted on the Institute on the Environment website. Read the article here.

Job Listings

Postdoctoral Fellowship
on Plant Functional Genomics

Posted January 19, 2017

Faculty Position
The Microbiome in Animal Health and Disease

Posted January 6, 2017

Yeast Molecular Biologist

Posted January 6, 2017

Laboratory Manager
Environmental Research and Innovation Center
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Posted December 30, 2016

Information Technology Specialist
Environmental Protection Agency

Posted November 18, 2016

Environmental Protection Agency

Posted November 18, 2016

Computational Microbiologist
St. Cloud State University

Posted October 17, 2016

Science Communication Intern

Posted September 1, 2016

Upcoming Events

Oct 27-28 – 2016 Healthy Foods Summit: Food, Microbes & Human Health

Microbes are everywhere in our food system, inhabiting biomes from soil to human – for better or worse. In recent years, research has shed much light on how these tiny organisms can be better understood and controlled to ensure healthy, safe food for everyone. BTI faculty, Mike Sadowsky, Dan Knights, Linda Kinkel and David Baumler will discuss the role of microbes in human health, food safety and food production. For more information and registration info visit the 2016 Healthy Foods Summit webpage.

Nov. 2 – The Petri Dish: Our evolving relationship with the microbial world in and around us

From the rise and fall of antimicrobials to the growing popularity of probiotics, our perception of these tiny organisms that populate our soil, air, and even our gut is evolving. New discoveries about the role they play in our health and the environment are creating even more ambiguity. Explore what we know and what we don't about this vast invisible world with computational biology expert Dan Knights, microbial ecologist Michael Sadowsky, and geomicrobiologist Cara Santelli. Learn more

Nov. 8 – Women Innovators Conference

The University of Minnesota will host a professional development summit designed to help female innovators connect the dots between their ideas and making a positive, significant impact.  This program is open to UMN students, staff and faculty, as well as the Twin Cities community. While this program's focus is to counterbalance the under-representation of women as STEM innovators, men are welcome to attend. Registration information can be found at

Funding and
Advanced Study

MnDrive PhD Graduate Assistantship Program in Informatics

Deadline: November 11, 2016, 5:00 pm.

The University of Minnesota Informatics Institute program will support up to ten 12 month research assistantships for graduate students who have completed their preliminary oral exam by the start of the appointment and are pursuing research at the intersection of informatics and any of the four MnDRIVE areas: robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing; global food ventures; advancing industry, conserving our environment; and discoveries and treatments for brain conditions.

Funding Opportunity: DOE Announces Solicitation for Biosystems Design for Next-Generation Biofuels, Bioproducts

Pre-application: December 19, 2016
Full Application (By Invitation Only): March 30, 2017

he U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Program within the Office of Science (SC) recently released a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) entitled Biosystems Design to Enable Next-Generation Biofuels and Bioproducts. This $75 million FOA, led by the Genomic Science Program within BER, hopes to advance the production of biofuels, bioproducts, and bioenergy through engineered microbial systems and plant systems design. See the full Funding Opportunity Announcement for details.

BTI Undergraduate Fellows

Biotechnology, biofuels, synthetic ecology summer research fellowships for undergraduates at the Biotechnology Institute. more >>

Innovation Investment Program

The BioTechnology Institute (BTI), in partnership with the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), supports a program to encourage the development of technologies with significant commercial appeal. more >>

Biotechnology Training Program

Since 1990, the Biotechnology Training Program has provided gifted graduate students with cross-disciplinary courses, collaborative research, industrial and global interactions, ethics training, and specialized retreats and seminars in biotechnology. more >>

Graduate program in Microbial Engineering

The MicE degree meets the demand in biotechnology industries for employees with advanced training in a combination of microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, and chemical engineering. more >>

Course in advanced fermentation

MicE 5355 is offered through the BioTechnology Institute to both students and industry professionals and provides hands-on experience in fermentation as well as an opportunity for both students and professionals to connect and collaborate. more >>

Hear BTI Director talk about M3P


BTI Director Michael Sadowsky is leading an effort to document the Mississippi River in a new way.

Mysteries of the Soudan Mine

Unique microorganisms and geological structures exist in the depths of the old Soudan Iron Mine on Minnesota's Vermilion Range. WCCO television recently journeyed there with BTI researchers to explore traces of ancient life. more >>